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Creative Art Academy has been established with aim to help students achieve the highest capability in drawing, Art and painting skills, so that they excel in critical reflection and inventive creativity. We utilize the Non-Conventional & Non-Academic approach to teach drawing and painting. 

Situated in Gurgaon to impart creativity among young children and improve skills of novice artists.

We Organize Hobby Classes and Summer Camps.


Creativity has the power to transform and effect change which can last for lifetime. Creative transformation potential inspires individual in day to day challenges of life and strengthens one's conviction & belief to take challenges in our journey called LIFE.

Creative Art Academy has been established with aim of helping students achieve the highest caliber of drawing and painting skills, who excel in critical reflection and inventive creativity. We utilize the Non-Academic approach to teach drawing and painting. 

We at Creative Art Academy Gurgaon give opportunity to students & Homemakers to explore & develop their creative Interests and enhance god given talent in different forms of Creative Art.

Individual art classes are also offered in a friendly and supportive group setting where students can learn at their own pace.

Creative Art Academy Gurgaon understands that in today's busy world not everyone is able to take out time from their busy schedule to attend art classes, but art lovers still want to explore their interest in various forms of Art. For all such individuals, homemakers & working professionals we have started Live Online Art Classes. For more information you may contact us


     We Guide our Students in :
  1. Drawing
  2. Sketching
  3. Pencil Shading
  4. Freehand 
  5. Oil & Acrylic Painting
  6. Spray Painting
  7. Portrait
  8. Art & Craft Work
  9. Traditional Art
  10. Modern Art
  11. Abstract Art
  12. Calligraphy 
  13. Perspective & Still Life Paintings
  14. Decorative Paintings
  15. Landscape Paintings
  16. Face Paintings
  17. Landscape Paintings
  18. Figurative Paintings
  19. Miniature Paintings
  20. Madhubani Paintings
  21. Warli Paintings
  22. Glass Painting & Glass colours
  23. Clay Modeling
  24. Fabric Painting
  25. Ceramic Painting
  26. Mural Painting
  27. Pot And Collage Making
  28. Mughal & Tanjore Painting
  29. Jewelry Marking 
  30. Quilling Art
  31. Flower Making
  32. Candle & Soap Making 
  33. Madana Art
  34. Newspaper Art
  35. Paper Meche
  36. Punch Craft 
    and much more....................